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Saturday, December 25, 2010

365 Days of Live Life Like
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The Concept

Live Life Like is about daily positive affirmations.

The Live Life Like concept receives inspiration from the natural world.  Many aspects of nature show us how we could Live our Lives Like.  Such as. . .

 “Live Life Like. . .a Lion. . .Powerfully.”

Each affirmation concept begins with an adverb describing a state of being.

From the word “powerfully,” a positive affirmation is created:

“I Live my Life Powerfully. . .by acknowledging the Greatness within Me.”

In addition to the affirmation, further inspiration is provided:

“I recognize the Power of which I Am.  I allow the Power of the Universe
to fill my life with strength and goodness.  How will I Live my Life Powerfully today?”

Each inspiration ends with a question.  For example, “How will I Live my Life Powerfully today?”

The purpose of this question is to motivate us to consider how we can incorporate that particular quality within our lives. 

All affirmation statements and inspirational phrases are written in the present tense and in the first person.  As we read the phrases, the words register in our minds as coming from within ourselves, motivating our thoughts and actions throughout each day.

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Very cool! I LIKE Live Life Like!