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Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3. . .Live Life Like Mint. . .Impressively

Live Life Like Mint. . . Impressively

Use the power of your subconscious mind and daily positive affirmations to create your own version of a happy and fulfilling life.  Your LiveLifeLike word for today is:
  • Impressive: Having affected or influenced deeply or strongly; commanding attention.
Build your own positive internal dialog by repeating, silently or aloud, the following affirmation:

·         My Positive Affirmation: I Live my Life Impressively, accepting with great wonder and awe my True Divinity.

Ponder the meaning of today’s LiveLifeLike word:

·         My Personal Guidance:  I am deeply affected by the majesty of God's Love for me.  I allow God's influence to lovingly guide me throughout my day. 

Use the power of today’s positive affirmation to create your own Best Reality Today!

·         My Personal Call to Action:  How will I Live my Life Impressively today?

Release all negativity and access the endless resources of positive energy that are within you!

A Comment from Carolyn. . .

If you’ve ever grown mint you know how impressive it can be!  It definitely commands attention in the garden!

Mint is very invasive.  It spreads by runners in the soil and ends up choking out everything else in its path.  My friend, Dara, had a beautiful clematis vine growing on the back of her home-office building.  She planted a small patch of mint about a foot away from the clematis.  It all looked very nice for a couple of years.  When I saw it next, the mint had totally taken over and killed the beautiful clematis vine.

But mint’s characteristic of strongly affecting everything in its path can also be a good quality.  I’ve been thinking I should plant some mint underneath our propane tank so it will choke out the weeds.

(I love the smell and taste of mint, too, and that is why I chose it for today’s date, October 3. . .because it is my birthday!  Yea!  Happy birthday to me!)

Today. . .command attention. . .because you’re worth it. . .and live your live like mint. . .impressively!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. . .
     Many Thanks and Smiles. . .Carolyn


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