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Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6. . .Live Life Like Ants. . .Opulently

Live Life Like Ants. . .Opulently

Use the power of your subconscious mind and daily positive affirmations to create your own version of a happy and fulfilling life.  Your LiveLifeLike word for today is:
  • Opulent: Having or marked by great wealth; affluent.
Build your own positive internal dialog by repeating, silently or aloud, the following affirmation:

·         My Positive Affirmation: I Live my Life Opulently, in great prosperity and abundance.

Ponder the meaning of today’s LiveLifeLike word:

·         My Personal Guidance:  All my needs are met with Divine Love.  Actually, I have no needs at all.  Everything that is, I Am.  I live in an affluent state of prosperity. 

Use the power of today’s positive affirmation to create your own Best Reality Today!

·         My Personal Call to Action:  How will I Live my Life Opulently today?

Release all negativity and access the endless resources of positive energy that are within you!

A Comment from Carolyn. . .

Have you ever seen a large anthill such as the one in today’s photo?  Anthills contain thousands upon thousands of members within the colony.  They create special chambers for their queen, for storing food, for eliminating waste.  I would say within insect societies, ants do have great wealth and affluence.

Think about your home.  Do you live in a dwelling with various rooms for different functions?  Do you have plenty to eat every day at every meal?  Do you have loving parents and loving siblings?  Think of the great abundance and wealth you have within your own life!

Today, reflect upon all the prosperity within your own life.  Ponder that and live your life like ants. . .opulently!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. . .
     Many Thanks and Smiles. . .Carolyn


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