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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27. . .Live Life Like Waves. . .Thoughtfully

Live Life Like the Waves. . .Thoughtfully

Use the power of your subconscious mind and daily positive affirmations to create your own version of a happy and fulfilling life.  Your LiveLifeLike word for today is:
  • Thoughtful:  Characterized by careful reasoned thinking; made with heedful anticipation of the needs or wants of others.
Build your own positive internal dialog by repeating, silently or aloud, the following affirmation:

·         My Positive Affirmation: I Live my Life Thoughtfully, carefully considering the outcomes created by my words and actions.

Ponder the meaning of today’s LiveLifeLike word:

·         My Personal Guidance:  I accept responsibility for my words and actions.  I am not rash in my decisions, but make the time to be thoughtful of others.

Use the power of today’s positive affirmation to create your own Best Reality Today!

·         My Personal Call to Action:  How will I Live my Life Thoughtfully today?

Release all negativity and access the endless resources of positive energy that are within you!

A Comment from Carolyn. . .

I chose waves to represent the concept of thoughtfulness because of the sound they make lapping onto shore.  Have you experienced that sound?  It’s almost mesmerizing.

Waves help us clear our minds and meditate on thoughtfulness.  Even if you’re nowhere near a beach, you can still imagine the rhythmic sound of waves coming in. . .going out. . .coming in. . .going out.  The regular cadence helps us focus our thoughts and calm our minds.  It’s almost as if the waves are the breath of the world.  The earth breathes in and breathes out, while our breathing pattern follows along at the same lilting beat.

As you meditate today on how you can anticipate the needs of others, use the power of Mother Nature’s breath. . .her waves. . .to focus your mind and live your life thoughtfully.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. . .
     Many Thanks and Smiles. . .Carolyn


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