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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21. . .Live Life Like a Puppy. . .Genuinely

Live Life Like a Puppy. . .Genuinely

Use the power of your subconscious mind and daily positive affirmations to create your own version of a happy and fulfilling life.  Your LiveLifeLike word for today is:
  • Genuine:  Not counterfeit; free from hypocrisy or dishonesty.
Build your own positive internal dialog by repeating, silently or aloud, the following affirmation:

·         My Positive Affirmation:  I Live my Life Genuinely, being True to my Inner Being.

Ponder the meaning of today’s LiveLifeLike word:

·         My Personal Guidance:   I Am a genuine part of the Awareness of All That Is.  I Am the Real Thing!  I live within the Honesty of the Unified Being. 
Use the power of today’s positive affirmation to create your own Best Reality Today!

·         My Personal Call to Action:  How will I Live my Life Genuinely today?

Release all negativity and access the endless resources of positive energy that are within you!

A Comment from Carolyn. . .

Don't you just love puppies?!  They live their lives so genuinely.

Who really knows how to interpret the meaning in this puppy’s face?  The photographer only knows the full situation that led to this pose.  Perhaps the puppy is saying, “I love you SO much!  Let’s play ball!!”  Or maybe its intentions are, ”Don’t you DARE touch my toys. . .they’re MINE!”

Either way, puppies are always genuine.  They are certainly free from hypocrisy.  Living in complete honesty is their modus operandi.

Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we all lived like puppies?  How great would it be to play ball all day long?  To run and jump and tussle until we’re so tired that we just plop down and take a nap?

Well, darn it all, we adults have workdays filled with duties and responsibilities.  The world wouldn’t run very well if we all just completely left our jobs and played games of catch all day long. 

But perhaps we can find a happy medium.  Once we’ve fulfilled our responsibilities, let’s go home and play tug-of-war with our dog, or play catch with our daughter, or push our son in the swing.  Let’s remember all the little things that make our lives worth living genuinely!

Today. . .live your life like a puppy. . .Genuinely!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. . .
     Many Thanks and Smiles. . .Carolyn


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