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Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30. . .Live Life Like a Tree Frog. . .Pleasurably

Live Life Like a Tree Frog. . .Pleasurably

Use the power of your subconscious mind and daily positive affirmations to create your own version of a happy and fulfilling life.  Your LiveLifeLike word for today is:
  • PleasurablePleasing; gratifying; agreeable.
Build your own positive internal dialog by repeating, silently or aloud, the following affirmation:

·         My Positive Affirmation:  I Live my Life Pleasurably, grateful for all of life's pleasant little moments.

Ponder the meaning of today’s LiveLifeLike word:

·         My Personal Guidance:  It is such a pleasure to see a young child laugh. . .to know that love is bubbling inside that's child's heart.  When I truly open my eyes, I see pleasurable moments all around me.

Use the power of today’s positive affirmation to create your own Best Reality Today!

·         My Personal Call to Action:  How will I Live my Life Pleasurably today?

Release all negativity and access the endless resources of positive energy that are within you!
A Comment from Carolyn. . .

Don't you just love this photo of a tree frog snoozing on a leaf?  Its eyes are half closed and it appears to be lulled to sleep by the warmth of the sun.

Life is FULL of pleasurable moments. . .snuggling on the sofa with your child. . .seeing your loved one lying next to you in bed. . .watching joy come across the face of an elderly person when you make the time to sit and chat. . .giggling at your dog squirming and wiggling its tail with ecstasy while you pet it.

Be gratified by the many pleasurable moments in your life!  Focus on those thoughts today and always, and you will live your life pleasurably!

Today. . .live your life like a tree frog. . .Pleasurably!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. . .
     Many Thanks and Smiles. . .Carolyn


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